Tyrannosaurus meaning “tyrant lizard”, from the ancient Greek, Rex meaning “king” in Latin.

Tyrannosaurus lived throughout what is now western North America, on what was then an island continent known as Laramidia, about 68 to 66 million years ago.

Tyrannosaurus fore limbs were short but unusually powerful for their size and had two clawed digits. The most complete specimen measures up to 12.3 m in length, up to 4 meters tall at the hips, and up to 6.8 metric tons in weight. T-Rex is still among the largest known land predators and is estimated to have exerted the largest bite force among all terrestrial animals.


Tyrannosaurus Rex, commonly abbreviated to T. Rex

Material: High quality metal framing /DC Motors/Advance silicon rubber

Sounds: Roaring dinosaur sounds

Power: 240v & 50/60hz

Control: Microwave sensor/ remote control/infrared sensor/Coin Operation.

Size: Length: 5m Width:0.8 m Height :1.8 m


  • 1) Mouth: Open and Close

  • 2) Head: Left to Right

  • 3) Tail: Left to Right

  • 4)Claws: up and down

Price: $8337.00 Plus GST