The Velociraptor lived approximately 71 to 75 million years ago during the later part of the Cretaceous Period mainly in Mongolia and China. It is one of the dinosaur most familiar to the general public due to its prominent role in the Jurassic Park motion picture series.

The Velociraptor was a mid-sized Dromaeosaurid, with adults measuring up to 2.1 meters long, 0.5 meter high at the hip, and weighing up to 15 kg. The skull, which grew up to 25 cm long, was uniquely up-curved, concave on the upper surface and convex on the lower. The jaws were lined with 26–28 widely spaced teeth on each side, each more strongly serrated on the back edge than the front.


Velociraptor meaning “swift seizer” commonly shortened to “raptor”.

Material: High quality galvanized frame/DC Motors/Advance silicon rubber

Sounds: Roaring dinosaur sounds

Power: 240v & 50/60hz Control

Style: Microwave sensor/ Remote control/Infrared sensor/Coin Operation.

Size: Length: 4.5m Width:0.8 m Height:1.8 m


  • 1) Mouth: Open and Close

  • 2) Head: Left to Right

  • 3) Tail: Left to Right

  • 4)Claws: up and down

Price: $7764.00 Plus GST