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Triceratops was a large & powerful, having one horn on its nose, which was small and stumpy, and one above each eye, which were up to a metre long. Triceratops probably used these long horns as weapons. It walked on all fours and had sturdy pillar-like legs. Its front legs were especially strong because they had to support the weight of its extremely heavy head.

Triceratops were up to 9 meters long and 3 meters high, weighing something like 6 to 12 tonnes. They eat all types of plants and lived 70-66 million years ago in the Late Cretaceous in North America.

Technical Information

Triceratops, meaning ‘three-horned face’.

Material: High quality metal frame/Brushless DC Motors/ Advance silicon rubber

Sounds: Roaring dinosaur sounds

Power: 240v & 50/60hz

Control: Microwave sensor/ remote control/infrared.

Size: Length: 3m Width: 0.7 m Height :1.3 m

1) Mouth: Open and Close

2) Head: Left to Right

3) Neck:up and down

4) Walking

Price: $8194.00 Plus GST